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Custom Printing

If you love art or just making extra money here is a lucrative opportunity for you. Sign up with the email option by leaving your full name an contact information and let me know that you are interested in selling our products. Once you sign up ,there are a couple ways to make money with my company. First,send us your idea , with your shirt size or sizes, along with payment for your order, and we'll send you an approval email of how the product will look.(Custom art that is done by the company starts at $100.00, depending on the detail.) Once we get your approval of the art we'll take care of the rest. Another way is to simply take screen shots of my products that you would like to sell, add your price point, and then add the items to your platform,(see bulk order tab for discounts) when your clients order from you simply purchase it from my site and your product will be drop shipped to you to so you can attach the appropriate paperwork before you send it to your customers. Lastly, if a customer wants a picture on a product make sure the image is not copy righted. And if it's art that they created or a photo make sure you mention to save them both in a high quality jpeg at 3700 pixels and 300 dpi for the best image results for all over printing . Check out our reward center for top sellers on our choose your dream vacations pageSend Emails to:
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